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Bracelet for men and women made of high-quality 8mm Indian Agate beads. Unlike those currently available in the market, our semiprecious stone bracelets feature a leather loop, which, aside from being an original identifying feature, allows for easy putting on and taking off of the bracelet. This bracelet is designed to fit all sizes since, once the button is adjusted to the desired measurement, it is secured with a leather knot.

To ensure that both individuals with small and large wrists can wear this bracelet, it was decided to produce it in two sizes:

Small size designed for women, adjustable to these 4 sizes:
S 17 cm
M 18 cm
L 19 cm
XL 20 cm

Large size designed for men, adjustable to these 4 sizes:
S 19 cm
M 20 cm
L 21 cm
XL 22 cm



The delivery time of each item will depend on availability, and will have a maximum of 30 days.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have a period of 14 business days, from the date of delivery, to return it.

And how could we not include semi-precious stones in our signature?

Indian agate is a powerful ally for meditation and well-being of the body and mind.
The fascinating world of semi-precious stones (minerals) has been accompanying humans since the beginning of time.

Semi-precious stones are multifaceted and are used both in jewelry and in the holistic field, and even in advanced technologies. There are countless techniques for creating and setting minerals to obtain decorative objects for the body. Remaining true to our work, we have combined these noble materials to create the Rumi collection.

For the care of the stones, it is advised not to come into contact with chemicals (dishwashers, perfumes, etc.) as they could alter their composition.

Vegetable-tanned leather is one in which natural tannins such as barks, woods, and other plants, and even some fruits, have been used for its tanning. This gives the leather an extraordinary ability to be used in leatherworking, and the use of natural products makes it environmentally friendly. To keep the leather of your bracelet as good as new, simply moisten the leather bracelet with any body moisturizer.

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