Kiu VI

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Strain with strip of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather
It is a beautiful necklace with a silver-plated metal tube and 4 metal terminals that adorn the fringes.
A simple but very attractive design.
The clasp allows you to adjust the necklace to the height you like best



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The collection of leather kiu necklaces offers a wide range of designs, this metal tube necklace is a beautiful ornament that cannot be missing among your accessories.
Vegetable-tanned leather is one in which natural tannins such as bark, wood and other plants and even some other fruit have been used for tanning. This gives leather an extraordinary capacity when it comes to being used in leather goods and the fact that natural products are used, makes them environmentally friendly.
To keep the leather looking like the first day, you just have to moisten the bracelet with any cream to moisturize the body.

Care for silver-plated metal:

Silver-plated metal is an alloy consisting of aluminum, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Silver-plated metal jewelry is extremely hard, resistant, and hypoallergenic (does not contain nickel).

Over time, it is possible for the silver-plated metal to lose some shine, and this is normal, but if you clean it regularly and take care of it, it can last for many years.

To clean the metal, we recommend using a soft cloth or metal cleaning cloths, which come prepared to leave the bracelets shiny.

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