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Discover our leather bracelet for women, adorned with two strips of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, a simple design perfect for all occasions. In this bracelet, its two leather strips hold a central bead in the shape of a Celtic spiral made of silver-plated metal, ideal for those on the path of personal growth.

The Celtic spiral is an ancient symbol representing the expansion of the universe, personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

Designed to fit all sizes, its button closure allows for easy adjustment. Once the button is adjusted to the desired size and secured with a leather knot, the bracelet can be put on and taken off without undoing the knot, simply by pulling the button out of the leather loop.



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The Celtic spiral is one of the oldest symbols that exist in this culture, it is considered an energetic symbol, linked to eternity, rebirth and vital force.
The collection of leather bracelets Sayani takes its name from the Quechua word whose meaning is "the one who keeps standing". Vegetable tanned leather is one in which natural tannins such as bark, wood and other plants and even some other fruit have been used for tanning. What gives leather an extraordinary ability when it comes to being used in leather goods and the fact that natural products are used, makes them environmentally friendly.
To keep the leather of your bracelet like the first day, you should only moisten the leather bracelet with any cream to moisturize the body.

Care for the silver-plated metal of the bracelet:

The silver-plated metal of the bracelet is an alloy consisting of aluminum, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Silver-plated metal jewelry is extremely hard, resistant, and hypoallergenic (does not contain nickel).

Over time, it is possible for the silver-plated metal to lose some shine, and this is normal, but if you clean it regularly and take care of it, your bracelet can last for many years.

To clean this bracelet, we recommend using a soft cloth or metal cleaning cloths, which come prepared to leave the bracelets shiny.

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