Xauen was born from a dream of freedom: being self-sufficient at all times and anywhere on the planet.

At first confined  to the small space offered by a mobilehome car, where the first pieces that are already classic of our brand saw the light, our art gradually expanded itself.

Today, Xauen is a company based in Cádiz, with a shop in Conil de la Frontera on Calle Cádiz nº 30-B, and is dedicated to the manufacture and international distribution of handmade leather goods.

All our articles are made by hand, the skins we use are tanned with the process called "al natural", where no chemicals are used. The hands that 10 years ago began to give life to our creations are the same that today continue braiding and spreading their experience. Xauen Original is synonymous with innovation, art and quality; and without a doubt, of  traditional craftsmanship.