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Kiu I

Price €19.00

Necklace with multiple leather strips and Xauen seal, topped with zamak leaves of different sizes

Kiu II

Price €21.00

Multi-strip leather necklace with three movable zamak buttons to create a personal style


Price €22.00

Adjustable leather choker with feces decorated by cultured pearls

Kiu V

Price €13.00

Strip with leather flower, decorated with a cultured pearl, the flower moves so you can use it as a choker or necklace

Kiu VI

Price €19.00

Adjustable length leather necklace decorated with zamak tube


Price €17.00

Choker with decorative pieces of zamak, adjustable, with detail of hanging leather straps on the back


Price €21.00

Kiu IX

Price €21.00

Adjustable length necklace, with three-piece drop-shaped zamak pendant

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