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Liming I

Price €12.00

Leather necklace with zamak centerpiece in the shape of a saucer

Liming III

Price €12.00

Leather necklace with anchor-shaped zamak centerpiece

Liming IV

Price €12.00

Leather necklace with zamak centrepiece shaped like a surfboard


Price €13.00

Leather necklace adorned with balls and central ring, from which hangs a feather, all of zamak

Liming V

Price €12.00

Leather necklace with a scrape-shaped zamak centerpiece

Gaucho XII

Price €28.00

Circular braided leather necklace, increasing its size in the center, wears Xauen seal

Gaucho XIII

Price €13.00

Round braided necklace with bone button. It can be used with forward fringes or as a choker.

Gaucho XIV

Price €21.00

Round braided necklace, with button and central pieces of zamak, consisting of two rings of different size overlapping

Liming VI

Price €12.00

Leather necklace with fish-shaped centerpiece

Liming VII

Price €12.00

Leather sliding knot necklace with zamak centerpiece